Feb 22

Episode 16 Fighting Fairly and Coming out the Winner


We do fight. Yes, yes it's true. We have been asked in a rather sarcastic ways many times before. In fact, Trey and I believe if you have never fought, that is not a plus. It is good to fight, it means there is communication occurring. Communication is key.

However, their are good ways to fight, and bad ways to fight. I want to say we all know what the bad ways are, but their are possibly some of us who don't . Hitting is bad. It is not a form of communication, it is a form of abuse. Period. Yelling, mmmmm not so great. Once again, that is not communicating. That is someone so desperate to get their point across, they are shouting. No bueno. Passive aggressive. Again, no good. The 'if you really loved me you would  _______," That is trying to get what you want through manipulation and coercion.

But we all have our special moments. Trey and I had some special moments 2 weeks ago. Truly, it was so special and raw, we really didn't even want to talk about it until now. But we are ready.

On this podcast, we are going to talk about the doozie of a fight Trey and I had.

What was it over?

Was it justified?

Most importantly, who won!?!?

There are ways in fighting fairly and coming out a winner.  Find out today!

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