Mar 01

Episode 17 She’s the Man: Encouraging Your Spouse to Do What They Love

flexingWomen don't fix cars! Men don't change diapers! Women can't lay tile. Men won't play with the children.

What!? Well, I hope you found a few of these offensive! Why, especially in this day and age, do we dare put restrictions on what men and women can/can't do?

As part of being in a marriage, we should encourage our spouse no matter their likes are.

Trey and I had some fantastic opportunities to practice just this this week.

Please join us this week as we discuss:

-how to encourage your spouse to find something they love to do

-how to encourage your spouse in what they have found to do, especially if it's not gender typical

-how to be the most awesome, sexy spouse ever by helping your spouse while they are doing what they love and letting them know she is the man! Or he!



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