Dec 06

Episode 8: Your Play Buddy

  I've heard it said so many different ways, I have to admit I am not really sure which one was first, play or pray. But, for the sake of this topic, I am definitely going to have to go with play. The saying that I speak of is

The family that plays together, stays together.


Kind of cliche, I'm well aware, but I really feel like it is a resounding truth. Our partners, be it a man or women, need play mates. They need someone with who they can connect with on a fun level.

As a spouse, our jobs are not always fun. Be it paying bills, disciplining children, cleaning, going to work, yeah, all the junk! So when do we get to play!?

Bottom line it, we have to find time to wind down. And who better to wind down with than the love of your life. Trey and I often make other vomit because we truly are that couple that love to be together all the time. We like to smooch, hold hands on occasion, make sexual references now and then, yep, that's us!

We work hard on our marriage, but we play even harder!

Today we will discuss how to turn your partner into you play buddy. We will talk about how Trey and I evolved into the playmates that we are now. We will also discuss why it is so important that your spouse does have you for their playmate.








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