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Apr 12

Estomago no es bueno!

  This is about accurate when it comes to how our toilet looks right now. Long story short, Trey came home from work early with a nasty stomach bug. Cora, our 3 year old, woke us up rather abruptly by vomiting all over us at 3am and then I completed the circle with my reign starting at …

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Apr 05

Episode 21 I Don’t Wanna!: When Sex Becomes a Chore Part 3 Play in new window | Download Some of us hear the word ‘Sex’ and become insanely uncomfortable. Some hear it and all they can think of is ‘yes, please.’ Then there are those where all they can think about is when sex becomes a chore. Why do we avoid talking about sex like the …

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Feb 17

Real or Perceived: How Do Others See Your Marriage?

  So, in lieu of doing a podcast this week, we are going to do a blog. I promise this won’t be a normal occurrence,  but possibility a treat every now and then. And what better way to start things out then a sexy kissing picture?! No, this isn’t Trey and me. Trey can’t grow …

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Feb 01

Let’s Eat Cake!

As of y’all can see, their is no audio  to our post. Well, their is a good reason for that. We didn’t record any. To be quite honest, we are going out of town and I am making a ginormous cake and well, it just didn’t happen. I feel like a butt. However, we will …

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Jan 24

Episode 14 I’ll Be There For You: Friends in Marriage Podcast: Play in new window | Download What is it about being a married adult and having such a hard time finding friends? It seems as if one minute you are getting to know someone and then that’s the end of it. You look back on talking to them and can’t think of any …

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Jan 10

Episode 12 In Or Out: What Kind Of ‘Vert’ Are You? Working With Introvert Extrovert Couples. Play in new window | DownloadOn episode 12 of The Marriage Podcast, we tackle the issue of the personality types of introvert extrovert couples. You always hear the phrase of ‘opposites attract’ and we know that to be the truth more often than not. But what happens when that opposite attraction begins to interfere …

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Dec 06

Episode 8: Your Play Buddy Play in new window | Download  I’ve heard it said so many different ways, I have to admit I am not really sure which one was first, play or pray. But, for the sake of this topic, I am definitely going to have to go with play. The saying that I speak of is …

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