Jan 24

Episode 14 I’ll Be There For You: Friends in Marriage

friendsWhat is it about being a married adult and having such a hard time finding friends?

It seems as if one minute you are getting to know someone and then that's the end of it. You look back on talking to them and can't think of any reason why y'all didn't spend more time together!

But the fact is, it is hard making friends as you get older and it seems especially finding friends in marriage.

There are so many things that seem to need to line up in order for their to actually be something beyond just casually talking.

Do you as a family each have kids? Do you like the outdoors or indoors? Sports? What do you do for a living? There really are a lot of extraneous activities that do have to be similar in order for their to be a connection between families.

Bottom line, friends are important. There are just those times where you need someone to vent to other than your spouse.

In this episode we will discuss:Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Why is it so hard to make friends in marriage.

The importance of having friends in marriage.

Some ideas of how to meet families with similar interests.



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