Jan 18

Episode 13 Sex Worth Laughing At: The Art of Having Sex When Kids Are Stilll Living at Home


kidhidingI know that it has happened to every married couple. It just has. You find yourself caught up in  the mood with your spouse. You make eye contact. It's time.

Just when things are getting really great, you hear the squeak of the floorboards. Blankets are grabbed, alibis are being hastly concocted.

You have been caught in the act!

It is just inevitable that when you have kids that still live at home, you will get caught!

On todays episode, we will discuss :

-Importance of spontaneity and  flexibility

-Be willing and know that sex does not always have to happen in the bedroom

-Once you have kids, sex will be different

-Have a plan and be comfortable talking about sex with your children

-Sex should be fun and funnyWatch Froning The Fittest Man In History (2015) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Sex is probably one of the most very important times in a marriage. Sex with kids still at home is a tricky and often embarrassing time. But, with the right answers to the right questions, we can take some of the hassel and make sex worth lauging about!

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