Oct 25

Spreading of Your Seed

Continuing our 5 part marriage series, today we discuss kids.

Should you spread your seed? If so, how many? How to keep your seed from spreading?

These are just a few of the topics we will be discussing today with kids.

Did you and your husband ever discuss of many kids you want? I know we did.

I wanted 9 kids

Trey wanted 1


Wowza! That was certainly something we had to work through. Here we are 4 kids later and going strong.

How did we do it? We talked about it. As simple as it sounds, sometimes in marriage we forget to talk about the most basic topics when it comes to our kids. Some of these topics include


Birth Control
Empty Nest

just to name a few. How do we handle these topics? Should we kiss in front of our kids? What about fighting? Today we will hit on all these topics and tell you not only what has worked for us but for others as well.

Have kids, want kids, getting married, thinking about getting married, you need to listen to this topic!

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