Nov 15

Sex? Yes, please.

In the forth installment of our five part marriage series, today we talk about sex in marriage.

We desired to have a very honest, yet tasteful podcast discussing one of the most skirted topics in marriage.

Why do we avoid talking about sex


Well, unfortunately for most we feel it is one of those topics that if left ignored, it will go away. We feel that is a very unfortunate way to feel about sex.

Sex is something that as a couple you should be so excited about you can't wait to hop into bed!

Today we will talk about what a man wants and what a women wants in the bedroom and out of the bedroom.

How sex not only is a physical act, but how there is so much more to it than just what happens in the bedroom.

We will also move out of the bedroom and talk about how we deal with sex with our kids. We have taught our children from an extremely early age that sex is not dirty but something to be greatly enjoyed, by our beliefs, a couple who is married.

What about pornography or romance novels? You will get our thoughts on those two along with how we feel they can be extremely damaging to a marriage.

However, most importantly we will talk about how sex can be a joyful, fun experience that is so good you could write your own romance novel!


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