Category: pleasing our partner

Apr 25

Do You Mind?: How to Make Your Spouse Do What You Want.

I hate taking out the trash. Haaaaaaaaaaate. Like, I will let it pile up until it is a work of art to make it stay in the trash can. I remember ‘The Simpson’s’ episode many years back. The rule of the house was whoever placed the piece of trash that finally falls off the pile …

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Nov 22

For Adults Who Can’t Talk Good Play in new window | Download In the last of our 5 part marriage series, we discuss communication. In this podcast we discuss the different styles that we often use for communicating, both good and bad. Communication is the key. So why do we have such a hard time with good communication? We believe …

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Nov 15

Sex? Yes, please. Play in new window | Download In the forth installment of our five part marriage series, today we talk about sex in marriage. We desired to have a very honest, yet tasteful podcast discussing one of the most skirted topics in marriage. Why do we avoid talking about sex   Well, unfortunately for most …

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