Nov 22

For Adults Who Can’t Talk Good

In the last of our 5 part marriage series, we discuss communication.

In this podcast we discuss the different styles that we often use for communicating, both good and bad.

Communication is the key.

So why do we have such a hard time with good communication?

We believe it's for several reasons. First of all, I think we all come by it honestly. More than likely most of us did not have the greatest examples set when it comes to good communication. We probably had parents that set the most classic examples of poor communication. But even with that history, it is not a good excuse to not learn how to have better communication skills.

How do we start obtaining better communication skills?

Just like most processes, we must first recognize that there is a problem. By that, what type of communicator are you? Does it seem as though you and  your spouse have explosive arguments. Possibly it's because you do not communicate that there is a problem when the problem occurs and instead wait until it has festered and come explosively boiling to the surface. This type of communication causes nothing but bitter arguments and a spouse who feels defensive.

Find out in today's podcast the other ways we often communicate poorly and ways to help.

Also find out how not only communication can help you in numerous relationships such as your kids, friends and family, but will help in the bedroom and even possibly with greater success in business.


As a side note, we are very aware that the grammar in our title is poor. It was a play on the movie Zoolander. 

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