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Dec 13

Episode 9 Relational Fiscal Cliff: Dealing With Financial Stress Podcast: Play in new window | Download Join us as we discuss: What can The Marriage Podcast Do for You? Who are these two and how can they do anything for my marriage? How Corrie and I met under unusual circumstances.

Dec 06

Episode 8: Your Play Buddy Play in new window | Download  I’ve heard it said so many different ways, I have to admit I am not really sure which one was first, play or pray. But, for the sake of this topic, I am definitely going to have to go with play. The saying that I speak of is …

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Nov 30

On The Road, Again: Making the Most Out of Road Trips Play in new window | DownloadWell, it’s that time of year again where it seems as if half our lives are spent driving. If you are anything like us, our family is spread across the entire state. Being that it’s the state of Texas, yeesh! That’s a lot of driving. But instead of dreading …

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Nov 22

For Adults Who Can’t Talk Good Play in new window | Download In the last of our 5 part marriage series, we discuss communication. In this podcast we discuss the different styles that we often use for communicating, both good and bad. Communication is the key. So why do we have such a hard time with good communication? We believe …

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Nov 15

Sex? Yes, please. Play in new window | Download In the forth installment of our five part marriage series, today we talk about sex in marriage. We desired to have a very honest, yet tasteful podcast discussing one of the most skirted topics in marriage. Why do we avoid talking about sex   Well, unfortunately for most …

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Oct 25

Spreading of Your Seed Play in new window | Download Continuing our 5 part marriage series, today we discuss kids. Should you spread your seed? If so, how many? How to keep your seed from spreading? These are just a few of the topics we will be discussing today with kids. Did you and your husband ever discuss …

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Oct 12

Episode 2: Time is Not a Four Letter Word Play in new window | Download As part of our five part marriage series, today we discuss time and how it is not a four letter word.   As all of us live extremely busy and filled lives, spending time together is becoming a rare commodity. Work is becoming much more than a 40 …

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