Dec 13

Episode 9 Relational Fiscal Cliff: Dealing With Financial Stress

Corrie and TreyJoin us as we discuss:

What can The Marriage Podcast Do for You?

Who are these two and how can they do anything for my marriage?

How Corrie and I met under unusual circumstances.

Dec 06

Episode 8: Your Play Buddy

  I've heard it said so many different ways, I have to admit I am not really sure which one was first, play or pray. But, for the sake of this topic, I am definitely going to have to go with play. The saying that I speak of is

The family that plays together, stays together.


Kind of cliche, I'm well aware, but I really feel like it is a resounding truth. Our partners, be it a man or women, need play mates. They need someone with who they can connect with on a fun level.

As a spouse, our jobs are not always fun. Be it paying bills, disciplining children, cleaning, going to work, yeah, all the junk! So when do we get to play!?

Bottom line it, we have to find time to wind down. And who better to wind down with than the love of your life. Trey and I often make other vomit because we truly are that couple that love to be together all the time. We like to smooch, hold hands on occasion, make sexual references now and then, yep, that's us!

We work hard on our marriage, but we play even harder!

Today we will discuss how to turn your partner into you play buddy. We will talk about how Trey and I evolved into the playmates that we are now. We will also discuss why it is so important that your spouse does have you for their playmate.








Nov 30

On The Road, Again: Making the Most Out of Road Trips

Well, it's that time of year again where it seems as if half our lives are spent driving. If you are anything like us, our family is spread across the entire state. Being that it's the state of Texas, yeesh! That's a lot of driving.

But instead of dreading road trips, we LOVE them. 


Yes, you heard me right, we love road trips. For us it's a time of adventures, kids getting to pick out crap candy from convenience stores, and best of all, great conversation!

Trey and I feel that most couples don't nearly get all they can out of road trips.

We encourage you to unplug from devices, turn off your laptops, close your books and do the unthinkable.


Yes, talk. What better uninterrupted time are you going to get? Talk about the weather, the kids, the car, the road. Whatever. I promise that eventually you will go deeper into your conversation and find that not only can you enjoy your spouse, but it makes the time go by so much faster!

So listen today as we discuss the benefits of road time and how Trey and I cannot wait to drive.


Nov 22

For Adults Who Can’t Talk Good

In the last of our 5 part marriage series, we discuss communication.

In this podcast we discuss the different styles that we often use for communicating, both good and bad.

Communication is the key.

So why do we have such a hard time with good communication?

We believe it's for several reasons. First of all, I think we all come by it honestly. More than likely most of us did not have the greatest examples set when it comes to good communication. We probably had parents that set the most classic examples of poor communication. But even with that history, it is not a good excuse to not learn how to have better communication skills.

How do we start obtaining better communication skills?

Just like most processes, we must first recognize that there is a problem. By that, what type of communicator are you? Does it seem as though you and  your spouse have explosive arguments. Possibly it's because you do not communicate that there is a problem when the problem occurs and instead wait until it has festered and come explosively boiling to the surface. This type of communication causes nothing but bitter arguments and a spouse who feels defensive.

Find out in today's podcast the other ways we often communicate poorly and ways to help.

Also find out how not only communication can help you in numerous relationships such as your kids, friends and family, but will help in the bedroom and even possibly with greater success in business.


As a side note, we are very aware that the grammar in our title is poor. It was a play on the movie Zoolander. 

Nov 15

Sex? Yes, please.

In the forth installment of our five part marriage series, today we talk about sex in marriage.

We desired to have a very honest, yet tasteful podcast discussing one of the most skirted topics in marriage.

Why do we avoid talking about sex


Well, unfortunately for most we feel it is one of those topics that if left ignored, it will go away. We feel that is a very unfortunate way to feel about sex.

Sex is something that as a couple you should be so excited about you can't wait to hop into bed!

Today we will talk about what a man wants and what a women wants in the bedroom and out of the bedroom.

How sex not only is a physical act, but how there is so much more to it than just what happens in the bedroom.

We will also move out of the bedroom and talk about how we deal with sex with our kids. We have taught our children from an extremely early age that sex is not dirty but something to be greatly enjoyed, by our beliefs, a couple who is married.

What about pornography or romance novels? You will get our thoughts on those two along with how we feel they can be extremely damaging to a marriage.

However, most importantly we will talk about how sex can be a joyful, fun experience that is so good you could write your own romance novel!


Audible Trial - jump on over to Audible and sign up to receive a free eBook.  Here you can get a free download of Gary Chapman's The 5 Love Languages that Corrie and I recommend.

The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts - or at Amazon if you want a hard copy.

Oct 25

Spreading of Your Seed

Continuing our 5 part marriage series, today we discuss kids.

Should you spread your seed? If so, how many? How to keep your seed from spreading?

These are just a few of the topics we will be discussing today with kids.

Did you and your husband ever discuss of many kids you want? I know we did.

I wanted 9 kids

Trey wanted 1


Wowza! That was certainly something we had to work through. Here we are 4 kids later and going strong.

How did we do it? We talked about it. As simple as it sounds, sometimes in marriage we forget to talk about the most basic topics when it comes to our kids. Some of these topics include


Birth Control
Empty Nest

just to name a few. How do we handle these topics? Should we kiss in front of our kids? What about fighting? Today we will hit on all these topics and tell you not only what has worked for us but for others as well.

Have kids, want kids, getting married, thinking about getting married, you need to listen to this topic!

Oct 12

Episode 2: Time is Not a Four Letter Word

As part of our five part marriage series, today we discuss time and how it is not a four letter word.


As all of us live extremely busy and filled lives, spending time together is becoming a rare commodity. Work is becoming much more than a 40 hour a week responsibility and kids can become all consuming. What does that leave for you and your spouse?

We will discuss how it is possible to spend more time together and the benefits of spending time with your spouse.

We will also discuss the difference between quality and quantity time and why both are so very different but equally important.


Today we will also talk about how important it is to fight with your spouse......for time.

The benefits will far outweigh the efforts.

So take some time out of your day to listen how to improve your marriage and take it to the next level.

For Trey and I this episode is so pertinent because we had to fight for the time to record this! We were hoping to have this podcast out by Wednesday, but yet due to time, ha, we kept on having to put it off! Trey and I truly have a phenomenal relationship but we have to fight tooth and nail for us to get any actual quality face time.

So why really bother if you have a good relationship with time together? Well, without time spent together, we would not have the relationship that Trey and I have! I relate time together to much liking taking vitamins. At first you really don't notice the difference taking the vitamins. Then, you might notice you are actually feeling pretty good. It is then that you slowly forget to start taking them everyday and you get right back to where you were. Don't forget to take your time vitamin with your spouse!


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